Combining bed slats and table

As part of improving our Pleasure Way Lexor TS, one thing we are always after is more storage space.  The TS floorplan comes with a nice closet behind the drivers seat, configured with a large compartment that has a hanging bar and is used for storing the table post, table top and 2 bed slats.  When we decided to convert this space to shelving, we needed to relocate the table and bed slat hardware.  Insipred by another Pleasure Way owner, I decided to create a dual function table out of the bed slats, thereby eliminating the heavy table.  I ripped one bed slat down the middle and installed some flush mount hinges to create a folding table top with 2 leaves.  I moved the mount to this new table and ditched the original 18 pound table.  Here is the new table top in the living/dining area.


Of course, the table top doubles as bed slats for when we want to create a full size bed (almost never).


We now store the new table top behind the drivers seat and the post behind the B pillar


As a bonus, I modified this Heng's HGTL tripod to hold the table for use outdoors.  This required machining a plate to accept the ITC Redwood table leg and welding it to the top of the tripod.