Upgrading solar charging system

In 2016, Pleasure Way moved from AGM coach batteries to LiFePO4.  Many legacy lead acid systems carried over during this transition, including the alternator and solar charging hardware.  These early PW coaches shipped with unregulated alternator charging through a battery isolator and a Go Power 30 amp PWM solar charge controller (SCC) that was had no specific provisions for charging lithium batteries nor a mechanism to disconnect PV input.  I replaced the Go Power with a BlueSky SC30, also a PWM controller but with the ability to program all charging parameters.  In addition, I added a DC breaker to the PV positive input to the SCC.  This corrects an oversight in the original design, which disconnects the battery from the SCC to block solar charging.  The PV input should always be disconnected from the SCC prior to disconnecting the battery and this DC breaker allows for this.   The new SCC required a slight enlargement of the hole in the cabinet panel that held the Go Power, and I enlarged the opening that held the AC outlet to accomodate the DC breaker.   Eventually, I will upgrade the the 3 parallel solar panels to a 2S2P 4 panel system and move to an MPPT controller, which will be far more efficient.


The customer service at BlueSky is exceptional and Ryan was very helpful while I set this up.  I highly recommend this unit if you are looking for a flexible PWM SCC.