Finding new space Lexor's passenger side ottoman

As part of improving our Pleasure Way Lexor TS, one thing we are always after is more storage space.  The ottoman on the passenger side had a large storage space that we used to keep extra stuff in.  However, there seemed to be a lot of potentially recoverable space so I took it on to investigate.  What's behind all that carpet?

I started by tearing out all of the carpet and some of the partitions. This revealed the greena and white fresh water tank filler hose, but also lots of unused space.

The next step was preparing the cavity adjacent to the wheel well to store thing while protecting the filler tube.  Basically, covering the hole in the sheet metal and creating a cover for the filler tube.  I used scrap wood and a peice of PVC pipe which I manipulated with a heat gun.

Now to maximizing space in the front area.  I reduced size of the box on the left that covered the filler tube to make the underseat storage as large as possible.  Cut a larger false bottom.

The rear cover is the original.  The newly found space holds the tire inflator kit, jack kit and jumper cables, clearing a lot of stuff from under the rear seat.

Now on to installing new carpet.  Not an exact match, but free leftovers and close enough. Added webbing straps to make it easier to remove the covers for storage and access

The final step was to add some trim where the carpet edges met.  I estimate that I increased the storage space under the ottoman from 2 to 3 cubic feet.  While I was in there, I moved the dual USB port to the front edge and installed a 12V outlet where the USB unit was.  This project wasn't exactly easy, but I am very happy with the results.

The before and after: