Reconfiguring our Lexor's Closet for more functionality

As part of improving our Pleasure Way Lexor TS, one thing we are always after is more storage space.  The TS floorplan comes with a nice closet behind the drivers seat, configured with a hanging compartment and 2 drawers.  We really did not use the hanger, so we decided to set it up with shelves instead.  Since this space was also used to store the table and bed slate components, I first hand to relocate these.  You can read about this here.  I used some 1/2" thick trex type trim boards left over from a deck project to cut 22"x10-1/4" shelves and installed them on runners that I screwed to the sides with 12 inch vertical spacing.  I finished each shelf off with some 1/2" aluminum c-channel that I welded 1/2" aluminum tubing to.  This both stiffens the shelf and provides a lip to keep things from sliding into the door while traveling.  While we were at it, we decided to cut the large heavy curved door down to only cover the closet opening instead of the entire wall.  I ripped the door right down the middle on my table saw and cut 7-1/2" off the bottom of the hinge side.  This eliminated about 12 pounds, gave us wall space to hang things on and made opening the door much less obtrusive on the living space, including not interfering with our entry floor mat.