Installing the 6-way (AS6 option code) Bonneville Bucket seats in an Impala SS

The standard leather seats are a 6-way design and like our Impala's came with either power driver and manual passenger or power on both sides. Actually, I have only seen the former, but am told that the dual power seats are also available.

Advantages: More supportive, comfortable and sporty looking seats that are a perfect match for the interior of the Impala SS. Allows you to store the stock seats for future value.

Disadvantages: These seats can be hard to find and locator services usually charge an arm and a leg for a set in good condition. You lose the SS stitching in the headrest.

Parts Required: The '93 - '95 Bonneville SSE and SSEi offered virtually identical seats in leather, with gray or beige being the only color options. The option code is AS6. From all of the cars I looked 3, '94 and '95) the gray leather is a perfect match. You can go one better if you can locate a set of these with adjustable lumbar supports (option code AL7) although installation will not be as trivial as that described below due to the extensive wiring involved.

Tools Required: 13mm socket, drill with 5/16" bit.

Procedure: This swap takes less than four hours, if you are careful. First, take the stock seats out. Having done it both ways, I found it easier to first remove the seats from the floor rails, then remove the floor rails (this is contrary to the procedure outlined in the FSM). As Dave Zeckhausen points out, if you are not interested in using the front edge controls that are on the Bonny seat, then no wiring is required at all and it is easier to just leave the floor rails in the car to do the following modifications. Raise and tilt the front all the way up to remove the front ones, and then raise the rear to get the back ones. Recline seat back all the way back and have someone help you remove through the rear door. Measure the distance between the bolt holes in the Bonny seats and mark and drill the new holes in the top of the Impala floor rails. Drill a 11/32" hole in each corner, 5/8" (center-to-center) next to each existing hole. Actually, any drill bit from 5/16" to 3/8" will work. This will make the new holes 1-1/4" closer to each other side-to-side, compared with stock. The front-to-back distance was the same on the Bonneville and the SS. If you wish, the rear holes can be elongated with a file like the stock ones (thanks to Dave Zeckhausen for this suggestion). Bolt the Bonneville seats onto the Impala floor rails. The stock electrical connector plugs right into the Bonny seats and provides full control of the seat positioning. If you want to use the adjusters on the front edge of the Bonny seats, then you will need to run 12 volts back to the seat harness ala the 12way install

Click here to read Dave Zechhausens comments on his install. Thanks Dave!

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